GYORO DARUMA (U.O.工房 Colored ver.)
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I fell in love with MARUHACHI GANGU "GYORO DARUMA (Googly Dharma)" and half-forced to collaborate with him! hehe.
Of course, the coloring was done by CURE's proud U.O.工房!

Nagoya, where MARUHACHI GANGU is based, has a strong lowblow type image, so I chose a color that looks like the god of lowblows.

Since this is a good-luck type of doll, why don't you display it together with the "Amabi-H" to bring you happiness?
Of course, this GYORO DARUMA alone may also bring you surprising happiness!
Please take a look at the GYORO DARUMA, which is such a surprising and rare collaboration project!
◆Payment Method:Paypal only
◆Shipping date:Scheduled for the end of July to mid-August 2023.
◆Winning notification : 7/20(Thu.), Japan Time.
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*Asia 2 : Excluding China, South Korea, Taiwan
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*Zone 4 : U.S. (including Guam and other U.S. territories)
*Zone 5 : Central and South America (excluding Mexico)
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